Diogo Nunes

Quality Advocate


Lisbon, Portugal


(+351) 936 717 089


I'm a Software Tester from Portugal. My passion is using technology to improve people's lives. In my spare time, I'm also a blogger, a photographer, and a mentor to school graduates.

I started out as a software developer and then became a self-taught tester. I'm organised and methodical, with a keen eye for usability and another for detail. My empathy and positivity makes me a team asset.

I collaborate with clients and developers to ensure the team delivers the right thing, built the right way. My past responsibilities range from those more business oriented (requirements, delivery, exploratory testing) to more technical ones (CI pipeline, automation in testing).


don't trust me, trust them!

Faiz M.

Your fine attention to detail make you great at your job. But what really shines is that smile you always have. Just a really great personality and attitude overall.

Giovanna F.

He's dilligent, incredibly talented and meticulous and has been crucial in making sure we worked as a team.

Neha D.

I really respect your humility, dignity, openness and purity of heart and intention. A true leader.

Kathleen C.

Intuitive, smart, empathetic, open minded, kind, funny, hard working, low ego, sharp. Everyone needs a Diogo in their lives.

Jędrzej J.

You always add these small improvements that make life easier or nicer. I wish everyone had just 10% of your attention.

Mikhail K.

You are a billiant QA, very thorough, creative and positive.



Guiding light

One of my duties is to uncover information and deliver it, in a timely and convenient fashion. This allows the team to make decisions with more confidence and less assumptions.


Quality advocate

My experience serves the team by advising development methodologies, practices and tools that favor quality. We will attain quality if we share that mindset and agree on a strategy.


Bug catcher

Ideally we forecast issues and prevent them (shift left), but often humans make mistakes and systems fail, that's why we monitor and explore regularly (shift right). Bugs are reproduced, reported and prioritized according to risk.



The team needs to build the right thing (Product) the right way (Engineering). Together, we are the "3 amigos" and we align/challenge expectations before coding. My role adapts to the team's needs, with flow and improvement always in mind.


(User) Friend

We must listen to our users, their pains and their praises, because our services exist to serve them. I seek to make them happy, and also my colleagues! Because a happy team is a productive and resilient team! #OptimiseForHappiness


Eternal student

Technology is constantly evolving, so it's crucial to maintain a curious and open mind. There's always new tools and techniques to discover... and advices from our colleagues too!


how comfortable I am










Cheering up the team with memes


2022 – Present

Senior QA Engineer



2020 – 2021

Senior Quality Advocate

Springer Nature

Push for user and developer happiness (e.g. measure customer support, write E2E tests, pair with devs to improve UX, automate processes, mentor younger testers, lead knowledge sharing)

2016 – 2020

Quality Advocate (QA)

Equal Experts

Help my teammates be productive at delivering their best work (e.g. exploratory testing, automation in testing, continuous integration, 3-amigos, pairing, specification by example).

2014 – 2016

Software Developer


Discuss requirements with client. Design mockups. Develop desktop app. Code back-end logic and integrations. Interact with databases (tables, SPs, views). Advise UI/UX.


IT Analyst


Debug existing software applications.

Write technical documentation.


an eternal student
2011 – 2013

Master's degree

Tecnico Lisboa

Computer Science / Grade: 17

Major: Enterprise Information Systems – addresses the impact of information systems in organizations and how to model the systems and processes of such organizations.

Minor: Software Engineering – addresses how to architect, manage and implement IT projects.

2008 – 2012

Bachelor's degree

Tecnico Lisboa

Computer Science / Grade: 14

University societies:
Mentors (NAPE), Extracurricular activities (LAGE2), TEDxIST, Photography group (GFIST)